1. Organise your choir

Don’t worry about having all the parts covered. 

Maybe in your household or group of friends you only have the Soprano, Alto and Bass parts covered. No problem. You can let Koor provide the tenor part. 

Get your group learning the parts you can cover and when it comes to performance time mute the soprano, alto and bass parts so that Koor is just providing the piano accompaniment and tenor part. 

2. Practice

Use Koor to practice individually or in a group. 

Don’t forget that Simon is running rehearsals online, you can find out more here.

3. Fundraise

We want to make a difference through our pop-up Hallelujah and that's why we're fundraising for NHS Charities Together. You can access our JustGiving page here. We'd like to encourage everyone taking part of raise your own sponsorship money and donate, via this page. 

Don't worry... you're not on your own. We're also going to share lots of tips and suggestions for fundraising as we go along, to those that have signed up. 

4. Performance 

When you’ve learnt your parts, it’s time to give your performance. 

Find a place to give your performance.

You could just sing for your cats at home, but it would be far more fun you would gather in your back garden, a local park, or on the street and sing for your friends, neighbours or total strangers.


We want it to be big, joyous and celebratory but we also want it to be safe.

Let’s see some of that glorious British eccentricity on display. Let’s make this performance something to be remembered. 

Don’t be shy. Dress up. Create a spectacle!

Get out your dinner jackets and posh frocks, or maybe make something for the occasion?

Handel was a baroque composer, perhaps you could rustle up something to wear that is inspired by 18th century wigs, brocade, frock coats and courtly dresses.

Or take inspiration from the utterance of rejoicing that is ‘Hallelujah’, create a costume that is bursting with joy, colour and life. 

5. Record your performance

Let's use those smartphones for good. 

Share your Hallelujah with the rest of the country. 

Upload your video to Youtube or Facebook.

Click here to learn more about how to upload video to YouTube. 

Click here to lear more about how to upload video to Facebook.

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