We want everyone to have the experience of creating music, as we live through the current Covid-19 crisis. 


At 7:30pm on Sunday July 5th we’re staging a nation-wide pop-up Hallelujah for the Front Line. If you can’t a pop-up but still want to help raise money for our Front Line workers, then fear not! 


Here are some ways you can fundraise - and you don’t even have to leave your home!


1. Virtual training

We’re sure, across your friends and family you have a wealth of talents, whether it’s crafting, music, cocktail making, languages or something else. Why not host a virtual training session and invite people to donate to charity to attend.

2. Provide an open mic night, virtual edition

When it’s your community that has the knowledge and creative talents to share, how about turning the camera and audio on them? You could host an open mic night, where attendees can all join a group video meeting, and then virtually raise their hand to host the microphone. Give the evening a topic, bring together participants, and away you go!


3. Online Gaming Tournament Fundraiser

This fundraiser works because it brings people together around a common interest and a common cause. It enables them to use their hobby to make a positive impact in the world. And competitors won’t even need to leave their homes!


If you want to help out our Front Line workers, then please head on over to our JustGiving page


You can sign up to join our Hallelujah for the Front Line here.

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